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Awning Kador Magnetic Attachment Kit 2.7 Metre

Awning Kador Magnetic Attachment Kit 2.7 Metre

New for 2015 a magnetic awning Kador attachment which is 2.7 metres long and includes 3 lengths of figure 8 to attach your awning with

Whilst this product is pretty self explanatory please note it is magnetic and will not stick to a plastic or fibreglass high roof and we will not accept returns of opened items because it wont stick to your van. Take a magnet off your fridge or get one from a toy shop and check first if you arent sure. Also note that in windy and gusty weather it will slip and may come off it is intended as a quick easy connection method in good weather. If you want your awning to stay put in all weathers then you would be better off with one of our discrete awning rails firmly fitted instead. This will more than likely not work with canopys that require tensioning against the van to pull them out tight as it will slip and again we do awning rails that are better suited to use with canopys.

Price: 21.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


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