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Coleman Performance 300 Gas Cartridge

Coleman Performance 300  Gas Cartridge

Coleman Performance 300 Cartridge

Butane/Propane Fuel
Butane/Propane mix cartridges are lightweight, resealable, and easily connect to stoves and lanterns.
Most cartridge appliances are lightweight and simple to use, so if you are a backpacker who counts grammes and appreciates convenience, this fuel is for you.
Cold temperatures affect the pressure in the cartridge, so performance is best in mild to moderate conditions.
Main advantages: convenience and light weight.

Coleman® cartridges offer 70/30 butane/propane gas mixture in threaded self-sealing cartridges with safety valve.
They are compatible with all Coleman® resealable appliances.

C300 Performance
butane/propane mix, screw-valve cartridge
Size Ø 105 x 90 mm

Gas in g 240 g

Price: (11 or fewer items) 4.99 (Including VAT at 5%) Price: (12 or more items) 4.15 (Including VAT at 5%)


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