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Khyam Excelsior annexe 3 x 3 in green

Khyam Excelsior annexe 3 x 3 in green

The Khyam excelsior Annexe is an additional porch-style room that can be added to tents such as the Kyham Ridgi-Dome XXL excelsior to almost double the amount of living and storage space. It can be thrown over the tent's roof and tied down at both sides. This is for the taller (7ft) excelsior range of ridgidomes and includes the optional roof support pole kit. This Annexe was originally introduced in 2006 and will fit the following models which used the taller excelsior pole system - 2001 onwards Ridgidome Horizon, Frontier, and Espace, 2003 onwards Motordome Excelsior, 2006 onwards XXL Excelsior, 2008 onwards Petworth, Longleat, 2011 onwards Motordome Sleeper PLUS - If your tent or awning is not listed here then this annexe will probably not fit

I am selling them as seconds cheaply as a few of them have had the cardboard header part of the repair kit pack thrown in and wrapped against one of the windows this has caused the cardboard to stick to the window, rather than open every single one to see which are affected and which are ok i am just selling them all as seconds. If you get one with the cardboard stuck the easiest way i have found of removing it is with a flannel that has had boiled water poured on it laid over the cardboard to warm up and soak through so it can then be removed

2 oz polyester 185 T WeatherWeave 5000 with flame retardant coating. Taped seams including PVC windows.
Flysheet Colour: dark green/elephant skin/sage trim.
Hydrostatic Head: 3,000 mm.

Price: 47.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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