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Khyam Motordome Tailgate

Khyam Motordome Tailgate

The Motordome Tailgate Awning
With so many Campervan's, 4 x 4's SUV's and MPV's on the market the demand for a Quick Erect Tailgate awning has grown significantly.The Khyam Tailgate Awning is designed to fit most family vehicles, 4 x 4's and Campervans. The adjustable connection tunnel allows a snug fit around the rear of the vehicle. An optional 2 berth inner tent allows comfortable overnight stops and is ideal for weekends away.

Based on the Khyam Ridgidome pole system, the Tailgate Awning can be erected in minutes, providing a generous living space with easy access to the vehicle. The connection tunnel can be rolled and stowed so driving away is simple and quick.
CARBON MONOXIDE WARNING! - Under no circumstances should the engine of the vehicle be started or left running whilst the Tailgate Awning is connected to the vehicle

Weight 12 kilos and pack size 115x29x29cms

Price: 399.98 (Including VAT at 20%)


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