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3 Can Ammo Crate 50 Cal

3 Can Ammo Crate 50 Cal

A rugged tactical carrying crate for multi purpose storage and transport. Comes with three, O-ring sealed 50 caliber ammo cans(AC50C) for storage. 50 caliber ammo cans are a convenient size to store all types of boxed or bulk ammo or whatever you want to store in them. Each can nests within a rugged polymer crate to form a compact storage and transportation solution. As versatile as they are sturdy, loaded crates are stackable, with carry handles and tie-down points on either end for ATV attachment. Made of rugged polypropylene to last.

Use this crate with its large handles to easily transport
Includes three MTM 50 caliber ammo cans(AC50C)
Each ammo can has a water-resistant O-ring seal for dry storage: Non-submersible
Stackable and strap able with four tie down spots
Outside dimensions: 13.5" x 25.4" x 8.9" (H); Made in the USA

Price: 45.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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