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Campingaz Quickbed Single Airbed

Campingaz Quickbed Single Airbed

The original Campingaz airbed, providing comfort, reliability and a relaxed night’s sleep for a single user whether it’s for use on the campsite or when entertaining guests at home. This flocked airbed integrates features such as the Airtight® system to guarantee a leak-free mattress while you sleep. The system includes a patented double™ lock valve that locks in air two ways, for a leak free seal and fast, easy inflation and deflation. Other features add to comfort such as the coil structure which provides a firmer, more supportive mattress and the exclusive PVC compound which is durable and strong to give you the peace of mind necessary for a more relaxed night’s sleep.

Airtight® system: Double Lock™ valve locks in air two ways
Durable PVC
Internal coil structure provides support
PVC thickness: 0.33mm
Flocked PVC on the top: 0.53mm
Repair kit included
Dimensions: L188 x W74 x H19cm
Weight: 1.6kg

Price: 12.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


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